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Built to Last

Posted June 14, 2024:
Our turn around time is 3-4 weeks.


Without the tank on the unit, our flame weeders are light and easy to maneuver and roll down the bed.


Standard stainless steel hood increases fuel efficiency by keeping the heat on the weeds.

Built to Last

Designed with stainless steel hood and manifold, combined with powder coated handle and frame, our flameweeders are built to last.

Saves Hours of Hand Weeding

Ideal for pre-emergence weed control on slow-germinating crops such as carrots, beets, onions, parsnips, etc.

The Original Flame Weeder

Developed in a market garden
by a farmer – for farmers. We have continued to refine and improve our design to offer one of the best flame weeders on the market.

Our Line of Flame Weeders

Ideal for Market Gardens and CSAs

 Filling the niche between a single hand-held torch and 
tractor-mounted tool bar models.

2 torch flame weeder path flamer

2 - Torch
15-inch flame pattern
Ideal for pathways and double rows

Three torch flame weeder

3 - Torch
18-inch flame pattern
Great option for versatility

four torch flame weeder 24 inch bed flamer

4 - Torch 
24-inch flame pattern
Covers wider beds in two passes

five torch flame weeder 30 inch bed flamer

5 - Torch 
30-inch flame pattern
Covers a 30-inch bed in one pass

five torch flame weeder 30 inch bed flamer 2 wheel

5 - Torch with 2 Wheels
30-inch flame pattern
Straddles a 30-inch bed

six torch flame weeder 36 inch bed flamer

6 - Torch with 2 Wheels
36-inch flame pattern
Straddles a 36-inch bed

Serving You from Wild and Wonderful West Virginia