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    1. Use short sentences and paragraphs. Keeping each fact clean and simple is the key.

    2. Make it easy to understand as much as possible.

    3. Use simple words. People who got different knowledge levels will be reading your posts.

    4. Cut the extra words. Make your point and keep the full stop.

    5. Think that you are writing an article for a specific person. Not to a crowd.

    6. Follow the WH questions and provide answers along the way.

    7. Keep these things on top of the content when writing. Context, Topics, and Questions you are going to mention Keywords. It will help you stay on track when writing.

    8. Use simple, humorous examples to explain complex scenarios.

    9. Surprise the reader. Everybody loves surprises!

    10. Be creative with font colors and sizes.

    11. Use a general document to write the content and edit in another place.

    12. Add colorful images.

    13. Read it out loud and see how it sounds at last.

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